Sexy Back Sexercise Therapy & Fitness 1-year

Sexy Back Sexercise Therapy & Fitness 1-year

C$200.00 Regular Price
C$100.00Sale Price


Full-Priced ($200) Membership is sold June 2018 when streaming fitness videos begin

Current soft-launch discount available until end of May 2018

Current soft opening fitness membership allows accessibility to forums, private picture galleries, Dr. Rice & his team.

Remember that you must read the book before being allowed to purchase a membership. Concepts used in the book are referenced in the therapy videos & exercise routines.

Think of your membership as a special kind of therapy program to help with your pain (day2day guidance from Dr. Rice), help repair your condition & help you be in the best shape you can be. Then there's the added benefits of helping add some pizzaz to your sex life, increase your stamina & allow you to be a hot performer in all kinds of new positions! Wow huh? Who knew! 

And at a price of $200 per YEAR we're giving this away! Join the Sexy Back health & fitness club now and save $100.

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