Sexy Back Sexercise Therapy & Fitness - Month-to-month

Sexy Back Sexercise Therapy & Fitness - Month-to-month

C$29.99 Regular Price
C$23.99Sale Price

Sale ends May 31, 2018

Membership will allow access to forum, private pic galleries.

Membership also allows access to Dr. Rice & his team in order to assist you during your Sexy Back book read.

This is a month-to-month commitment only (as opposed to yearly memberships at $200 per year (the Yearly Membership is currently on sale for $100 until May 31, 2018)

Full launch in June 2018 will include:

Sexy streaming  video demonstrations (nudity may be present)

Sexy streaming video workouts based upon the Sexy Back program:

  • core workouts
  • legs & butt
  • upper body
  • posture

Sexy streaming video workouts specific to sexual positions   I   Improving your performance in bed (nudity may be present)

Sexy member profiles: photo collection of body improvements, posturing & sexercise/sex-test perforances (nudity may be present)

Currently - this membership will allow you full access to Dr. Rice for questions and consults will be available