Major Initial Consult with  Dr Michel Rice

Major Initial Consult with Dr Michel Rice


Please note: Consult fee are in US funds ($500)

Canadian Majory Consultation fee is $600


Initial consult involves the following:

  • Case history form review (enclosed here as a download)
  • Telephone consult with Dr. Rice (not time-based)
  • Collection and review of your personal medical records (family physician and specialist imaging report)
  • Consult with medical physician, if required (Medicare coverage requires MD to sign-off on lumbar spine bracing product that will also cover this Majory Consultation fee)
  • Plan of management recommendations  via telephone and in-writting
  • First follow-up appointment also covered with initial consult fee
  • Medicare and other US based insurance may cover the cost of the consultation if there are indications for lumbar support medical device with MD recommendation. Please Call About You Medical to see if you qualify at 
  • Ontario residents may be covered by private health benefit insurance