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Updated: Nov 26, 2019

It's a book...It's therapy & it's an exercise APP...oh, and it's a trainer certification program too. But most important, to me, it's a community of people like you who want to feel well, be in control of their physical impairments, if any, & let's not forget look & feel sexy too!

Yup! As a back specialist & fitness expert, I'm motivated to reach out to those people tired of the pain killers, annoyed at the fake medical device products claiming to help with back pain, and even more annoyed at those adds on fBook and iGram about fitness programs that say they will make you look like that guy. Ya, that guy who starved himself for three months to look like he did on the add. Hey dude...make me! Sexy Back is real and it's your go-to daily home base to be guaranteed two things I know, as a doctor, you want right now: 1) to be in control of your pain (ugh) and 2) to look & feel sexy (mmmmm). But don't be fooled, there is no APP or trainer program without the book. It all starts with the book!

The book, let's not forget, is just that, a book. It's not an exercise pamphlet your doctor gives you when you complain of back pain. It's a book, which means it has anatomical & medical concepts, educational information, doctor trustworthy advice, therapy you can count on to help and much much more. And by more, I mean more social opportunities, medico-tainment & beyond-pain fitness challenges you never thought you could do. Sexy Back is your go-to place, where you, as my guest, can trust.

Come one, come all to our community but first, read the damn book will ya? I'm not here, mind you, to make a book sale. I'm here to teach you first then help you get that life you may have lost when the back pain came to visit. I want you to learn the Sexy Back language so that you can proceed to a healing & fitness path you never thought imaginable.

Sexy Back discusses all that's important about your back for both the client and the trainer. Think of it as a mini medical school textbook that will teach you what doctors themselves may not even know and keep you entertained and laughing along the way.

Chances are, if you're still reading my first blog article, you are already a Sexy Back member. I bet you have exhausted treatment options and purchased every gadget promising to give you pain relief. Doctors don't know what to do with you anymore, you've had every possible medical test with still no answer and you don't know what to do about being left behind, still in pain. Could I be right?

If you're strength is good enough for you to be training from the a fitness APP or if you're working with a trainer at the gym, then you need to understand the Sexy Back language, its concepts & Michelisms (my own clique jargon) in order to make your experience healing & on a path to improving your life & your sexual performance rating scores. Don't worry, we will reach out to your trainer to get this important person in your life Sexy Back certified too. We are here to empower the fitness professionals worldwide through our accreditation programs that will put them above all trainer competition.

From this starting point, the sexercise training is going to be quickly understood and this, you should know, will translate into clinical efficiencies. Then, there's beyond the clinical, right? Hardcore exercises that will use the book's language to guide your every move.

So let's start with the book. If you have questions about some of the content, feel free to if you like or on any of my social media platforms. Bring on the comments - I promise my answers will help you and everyone else.

Welcome to Sexy Back. READ ON...

Dr. Rice


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