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Updated: Nov 27, 2019

Can you imagine? Well, probably so. I'm sure you weren't surprised reading the headline given what's out there these days. Before you read-on, I want you to know that Sexy Back can be zero% about sex as remedy or 100% hot twosome (++) action to heal back pain. So there. I don't want to scare away the individuals who are not into partnering for a good healing workout but it remains cool, very cool, even hot to be involved with a community that professes sexiness in its therapeutic healing art...right?

So back to the headline subject ...a path to spinal strength and suppleness using sex as the remedy? YES, this can be, should be and very much IS possible and IS probably more than 90% why YOU take care of yourself every look sexy, feel sexy and be sexy in and out of bed.

So you can count on the clinical support (Journals of everthing-medicine) and my professional experience to back it up. It wasn't entirely my idea, mind you. Full disclosure on the discovery of this concept, it was exotic dancers who gave me the idea.

Specifically, I wish to extend a special thanks to my sweetheart friends, Sugar & Spice, who realized that partnering, intimacy, & twosome playfulness helped reduce their lower back pain markers. Pain? Yup! Imagine how their backs felt after their whooping aw-struck acrobatic performances on stage. They had pain!

Back pain as a result of bad ass damage: over-used muscles, badly positioned bones, moving badly positioned bones, pre- and post-joint damage (arthritis), disc problems, inflamed soft tissues, bulged discs, blah blah blah. And all these bad ass pathologies can indeed be relieved, repaired and reshaped with sexercises (solo you) and sex (you two too). I could keep going on my list of diagnostics that can benefit from Sexy Back but what I know you're thinking about right now is this: 'damn, Im sure sex could help fix my aching back'. 

Trick is, it all starts with the book. First, you need to know the language used in my program. It's important to understand anatomy and pathology put into simple, fun and even funny language . Think of it like a fun mini-meds school program. Then, you get it on with sexercises followed by hot sexing moves that you will learn to even create yourself once you know the concepts of Sexy Back. Remember that. Our Sexy Back community members learn to create their own movements once they know the language of Sexy Back. Teach the fighters how to fight then let them create their own battling moves to fight the game...of their life.

So come it on...and turn on the questions I know you have for me. I'd love to get a conversation going and let others participate with us along the way. Let's start with you telling me about you and allow me to comment on how I think Sexy Back will give you a new life you never thought possible..EVER!

Bring on the questions ... & let the party begin.

Dr. Rice

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