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Updated: Nov 26, 2019

Why become a Sexy Back blogger you may ask?  My 'outer' voice is backed by a strong, louder, cockier and balzier inner one. It speaks honestly and firmly as an experienced doctor with many specialties. A specialism mix of chiropractic, sports meds, fitness, radiology and impairment examiner makes me bark about pretty much anything you think is safe to pet, rub or stroke.

I am a retired practitioner who currently holds a position as Director of Clinical Radiology in a Toronto-based spinal (neck mainly) assessment clinic. Using x-ray in the diagnosis of serious (life-wrecking) soft tissue injuries such as those experienced in high energy-forces of car accidents is where my dark room lies at the moment. This, of course, can be done, thankfully, from pretty much anywhere in the world – hail to the powers of e-medicine.There’s much more to me than meets the x-ray eye, mind you. I am presently actively involved in research. Did you know that the new ‘MD’ is actually a ‘PhD-MD’?

Why am I involved in research? The premise behind my work is fuelled by the fact that there are a lot of hidden and difficult-to-locate injuries that can be seen on x-rays. This is an area of diagnostic medicine that will help any person suffering from chronic pain as a result of high-energy trauma forces such as those experienced in motor vehicle accidents. 

My experiences in private practice have also led me to one huge discovery that is presently still a secret to the cure for most back pain. A “sexapeutic” godsend. Yes, you read it right. I have developed a program that uses sex as therapy to fix (then upkeep) back pain. I am in the final stages of the publication process and just starting APP development that, without doubt, will change the fitness training world.

 Sexy Back is a self-help (and assistant-help) guide for those with chronic low back pain. Lest not we forget that it’s also for those who don’t have any back pain at all too. Concepts taught in the book need to be applied to all those who don't want back pain and for those trainers who want to help clients with back pain, clients who want to look sexier and feel sexy too. Who wouldn’t like to learn how to fix other people’s miseries using the power of sexual healing. Can you hear Marvin Gaye singing in your head right now?

I recently completed a college diploma as an independent filmmaker…soooo independent that I’ve done nothing with it, so far. I am, however, finally going to apply this knowledge in my direction of a new production house of Sexy Back videos. Videos for the suffering, for the weekend warriors, for those who want to transform their shape to Facebook & Instagram 'sexy status' and an advanced, grueling HIIT/Circuit training performances for the experts, including trainers. I'm also adding to that what everybody else is doing these days...a podcast. Don't worry, it's not going to be a chore to have to listen to the Sexy Back Pod. It will be light, fun, funny, sensual, informative & short. Season 1 will start in the new year (2020). Episodes are going just 30 minutes, or less. Perfect for those short mindful moments you get in your day.

Welcome all! Bring on the questions, opinions, judgements, attitudes and I’ll take-on all things sexercise related, no questions asked and no judgments made. I will do my best to get some good answers for you and if I don't have them I promise I will find somebody who has the answers for you.

So check-in once in a while to see what I have to contribute, what others are contributing and go ahead, comment on just about anything related to sex, backs, and sexy-backs. Matters that matter relating to health, fitness, nutrition, current events, the social scene and, of course, anything about the “clean side” of sex are fair game! This is a place for support and for connections. It’s a place to trust and to belong.



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