Here are some answers to FAQ's you may have about the Sexy Back trainer course.

What do you mean by Clinical Sexy Back Certified Specialist

It's a long title, we know. To say Sexy Back Certification works too but for your cards/websites we will add 'clinical' to the title in order to position its credibility where it belongs! C l i n i c a l - the Sexy Back trainer/practitioner certiication program will firstly cover all the clinical basis you must know to be just that, a trainer (at level I) and then a practitioner (level II, III, IV) with a well-trained clinical eye to conduct the following:

  • Examine the patient for weaknesses, diseases & structural injuries.
  • Extend assistance with the patient from the beginning of the program, executing all the concepts taught in the book
  • Summarize the patient's clinical issues in exam note formats & create a plan of management for the patient from a pre-fit level (pain) to a more advanced exercise plan integrating clinical fitness with cosmetic fitness
  • Draw out the new training concepts & modules taught in the program for each individual patient
  • Learn a Sexy Back-copyright method of working with the trainer practically (hands-on directives, instructions & touching techniques)
Specialist - this is the new trend in training. Many specialist programs for trainers are popping up such as fitness specialist for cancer patients, post-MI patients, osteoporosis etc...The Sexy Back specialty is far beyond any of these specialities. It will show you up to be the reason why everyone will want to train with you over any other trainer. Afterall, it's the reason why people workout right? To look & feel sexy?

How is the Sexy Back course taught?

The truth is, Dr. Rice has not decided just yet how he will teach Levels II to IV but Level I is taught online. All you have to do is read the book, write the exam and then we guide you to get the clinical experience required to advance to Level II and beyond. So for Levels II to IV, he is leaning toward an online curriculum involving both pre-recorded classes as well as live stream formats. Examinations will very likely be in Toronto for starters. It's the way to go. There will be a practicum involved for all four levels. The main office for Sexy Back is in Toronto.

What do you mean by 'clinical fitness'?

Sexy Back helps people in pain ... chronic pain. The Sexy Back book teaches sexercises to help with pain, improve posture, educate patients & teach patients the dos and don't to avoid pain and injury recurrences. Don't be fooled about the 'sexy' component it's there for entertainment and keep clients into sticking with the program. (although Level II is all about sexual performance improvemen programming) The Sexy Back trainer specialist must first learn the content of the book with details added. Then, the teaching modules take the trainer into an examination / evaluation module. The trainer therefore learns to assimilate clinical/pain information to arrive at a diagnostic impression as to the cause of the pain. This will also guide the trainer for actual training rules.

This whole 'Sexy' title makes me nervous as much as it excites me. Can you explain?

We get it. First off, know that Dr. Rice & the book is what is going to support your specialty as a 'sexy back' certified trainer./practitioner There is no better medical group associated with Dr. Rice & his program to connect with. Secondly, Sexy Back is a clinical program that helps trainers help clients (new and existing) with acute and chronic back pain. That's it! The 'Sexy' comes in to keep patients involved and excited about looking sexy. Some, however, may want to be intimate with a partner and use specialized new movements to help with back pain. This is where the fitness practitioner can assist with teaching simple movements that can be extended in the client's bedroom. Movements that are not sexual in nature, that are taught in the gym/fitness environment. Once the patient feels better (pain markers reduced) the practitioner can then delve into sexual performance enhancement...which is, let's face it, 90 percent of the reason why we all exercise in the first place. So our Sexy Back clinical certification program allows you do this professionally, ethically and confidently. Dr. Rice has a sports medicine specialty equivalence certification (FCCSS Associate) in chiropractic. He knows his fitness & he understands the training culture as well as what patients want all around. You will learn, after all the clinical assessment & program content how to involve all regular exercises in your current repertoire with the Sexy Back program. You will also learn how to handle/manipulate/guide the patient in the gym. This is a large part of the training, especially at the Level II to IV certification courses. At the Level III certification, your job as a trainer is not only to modify & design a gym program at all levels in order to help them achieve those positions but also work around their conditions & pain (protection against pain). So Sexy Back does not control or change your repertoire of program design as much as modify and create your own programs/exercise/movements to meet with the clinical guidelines (for pain / medical conditions) of the Sexy Back clinical treatments. The reality is, everyone currently wants to look & feel sexier than ever, whether they are in pain or not, right? So that's how you will keep your current clients, by adding a new level of awareness, whether they have pain or not. It's also how you are going to be able to accept new clients who suffer back pain. This is the best way to recruit and build your fitness practice, by helping people in pain. You may also want to be a Better Call Doc Pain Therapy practitioner. This program is also under the direction of Dr. Rice. So remember, as a Sexy Back specialist, you will be able to brand & promote yourself to be a fitness-based back specialist to recruit two types of new clients: those with back pain & those who want to learn how to have sex to fix their bad backs. Imagine the word-of-mouth promo you will get on that specialty alone!

When can all this happen? What's your timeline to get the course together.

First off, everyone, including you, should read the book, understand Dr. Rice's concepts and research all the diagnostic discussions. This will prepare you really well for the more advanced course levels of Sexy Back. You will be able to add your own creativity to advanced sexercise therapeutic exercises. Your exercises will honorably use your name in their title as well. Dr. Rice has completed the full curriculum of all four Sexy Back certification levels and we are ready to begin with the first class in the Fall 2019. Tuition right now for the first class to graduate is at a 50% reduction ($400 payeable over 3 months with a deposit). It's a good idea to make a deposit now to get things rolling. his first class will also have paid teaching opportunities and be the first to be referred clients from us as readers will be looking for certified traininer after reading the book.

I'm a certified trainer & really interested in adding the Clinical Sexy Back Trainer Specialty to my existing trainer credentials!

I want to

  • help people with back pain,

  • learn to examine patients & derive diagnostic impressions of their conditions,

  • teach them how to do sexercises in the gym,

  • help them get to the level where they can learn your program on how to have sex to fix their backs using your sexercises

  • & go beyond this level of wellness by learning how to design & execute sexual performance training programs!

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