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Here are some answers to FAQ's you may have about the Sexy Back trainer course.

  • Sooooo is Sexy Back a book? A Club?
    It's both actually but it's really a book. Sexy Back stands alone as an independant medical self-help book without the membership perks. So if you're thinking of just getting the book in any of the formats available, good for you! Buy it, read it, repair & reshape!
  • OK it's a book - but is this for real? Can sex be used as medical therapy to heal back pain? What if I don't want to have sex to fix my annoying back problem?
    Yes, Sexy Back fits into the medical self help genre perfectly. It covers it all that is covered in other competitive (boring) back books only what Dr. Rice has added here is a fun & entertaining twist to the! So although Dr. Rice uses 'sexy' as the hook for his book, having sex is totally not required to be involved with the program. You must, however, be willing to participate in some exercises to fix your back issues...but we knew that you knew that already. The book will educate you on eveything you need to know about backs, causes of back pain & diagnostic categories. Dr. Rice also covers his own theories (wouldn't be a book otherwise) as to why people have back pain today & what the solutions are. No Ass, No Abs, No Agility! The Terrible Triad: AAA! But alas, Dr. Rice has created the Terrific Threesome to fix your chronic back pain: Torso Hoop, Torso Curve & Torso Rhythm. As far as therapy content goes, using his years of clinical experience, Dr. Rice has eliminated all the unnecessary (you know, the exercises your therapist asked you to do but you never did), the baloney (you know, all the gimmicky 'try this - buy this - look like me in 10 days turkey stuffing) & devised an easy hot sexercise program that will give you pain relief & change your life (no baloney there, we promise). Doing the sexercises in the order provided as you re-build your strength will help repair your condition, alleviate or eliminate your pain & make you stronger & fitter than you've ever been. Then there's the sex part. Once you know the sexercises well, if you chose to do so, you can start applying them to actual sexing with a partner. It gets a tad complicated with the sexing which makes it even more fun. This exciting addition to the therapy expands the Sexy Back program to a new networking level that will allow you to learn even more about back safety in & out of bed (at work, for example).
  • Who should get this book?
    Any one with a spine should buy this book...with or without back pain. Single or partnered spines, old or young spines, suffering and non-suffering spines, academic or working spines, white collar or blue collar spines, horny or asexual spines, boy spines, straight spines, gay spines, athletic or sedentary spines, medicated and non-medicated spines and all those spines who know someone with a spine. Typically, it is quoted that 90 percent of us will get back pain at least once in our life. Although those stats are not that scary if you ask me, what is scary is to not know when you're damaging your spine and setting yourself up to be crippled by the time you're just 40 years old. The Sexy Back program can avoid all that by teaching you the basics you need to know & learning the do's and don't to prevent wear & tear from setting in at an early age.
  • Why did Dr. Rice write this book?
    Why’d I Write It? I got excited about the idea that a program to cure chronic back pain could be created using sex as the remedy when women independently started telling me in the confidence of my examination rooms that their back pain spontaneously resolved after their Saturday night sexual activity. It would have been selfish and medical negligence not to report my findings and create a program for all the suffering single spines out there. I am a motivator and exercise trend leader. I have a lot of opinions on what’s good and what’s junk in the fitness industry. Sexy Back gives me the opportunity to reach the public. People will believe in my word and feel motivated by my advice. As for Sexy Back, I want the public to know that if they do just one of my sexercises every day (with or without sex), their backs will get stronger, they will prevent or arrest further development of degenerative or decaying low back conditions, and their pain will greatly be reduced, if not eliminated in its entirety. I know if I can convince the world to just perform one of my four sexercises every day, I’ve succeeded more than any other back book author. I’ve never met a patient who has actually read a back book cover-to-cover, let alone a medical physician. I think connecting sex with spinal health will raise quite a bit of curious eyebrows. People will buy Sexy Back – people with Sexy Back – people will feel better. The connection between bad backs and bad or no sex at all has always been there… it’s just that nobody has thought of writing about it the way I did. Other back books discuss how to have sex when your back just says no (acute pain). Sexy Back is about how to have sex to fix the common bad back plague. It is a program for chronic back pain sufferers. It is for the consumer who wants to learn how to fix their partner’s bad backs (Sexicians in training). And of course, like all other back books, Sexy Back covers the subject of how to have sex when your back is acutely sore. These ideas are unique, fun, they make people laugh, they encourage participation, and they give people hope – that’s why I wrote Sexy Back.
  • What is this 'membership' all about?
    You DO NOT NEED to be a member to get with the Sexy Back program. Remember that the book is a stand-alone complete clinical program that aims to: Reduce your pain Control your pain Help you understand your pain Help you prevent recurrences of your pain Rebuild your back strength Teach you how to move, how to hold your postures & how to prevent injurying yourself & most importantly, Help you get that active life you used to have! Did we mention help you get laid too? Well, that is a perk of the program if you it to be.
  • So what are the advantages in getting the Sexy Back membership?
    You become part of a hot new community! It's a way to connect and network with others like you It's a way to find others who have experienced your type of pain so you can support each other It's a way to show off your abilities with the sexercises, the sexing & the Sex Test It's a way to show others the changes you've experienced in your body & in your new life...less pain, a nice ass curve, a beautiful sexy lower back & a flat toned stomach. It's a way to receive stream exercises that will take you to the next level of Sexy Back: Harder moves - more entertainment Adding moves & exercises that will balance the rest of your body (better biceps, triceps, legs etc...) while keeping with the theories & concepts taught in the book Workouts using Sexy Back principles training you to perform better in different sex positions Oh one last thing ... you also get direct access to Dr. Rice if you are a private member.
  • Sexy Back is a tad more costly than most medical self-help books. Can I get a discount?
    Sexy Back is not only an entertainment product it qualifies as a formal medical textbook. The book is actually used as the basis for our trainer certification program. Your investment is literally less than one third of the cost of a treatment and will save you thousands of dollars in therapy. The knowledge you will get from reading Sexy Back will also help you avoid future back injuries. We have extend a 20% discount if you order the book using this website (and the BookShop's ordering system using the link on this website). The BookShop link is the print-on-demand printhouse called BookBaby. The price of Sexy Back is slightly higher when you purchase the book using larger wholesale book companies such as Amazon in order to reflect their own costs. Send us an email and tell us a abit about your condition. We will then offer you an additional 10% discount coupon via a direct email. You can use the discount code on all of our purchases from this website.
  • Hey I want my trainer to be Sexy Back certified - how can I make that happen?
    Give us your trainer's info. Remember your trainer can have a specialty in yoga, group fitness, strength training, any kind of training that was certified through an accredited facility/institution. We will reach out to your trainer - if he or she registers with the course we will arrange for you to get 3 free training sessions once the course is complete. Level one can be accomplished in 3 to 4 months so shouldn't be too long. In the meantime remember you will have to read the book to learn the language, know the training rules and know your basic moves. Fun!
  • Hey doc that you I saw on tv?
    Dr Rice is on television programs worldwide. The reason why is because he works as an expert medical researcher for products sold on informercials and sports network commercials internationally. You can see Dr. Rice, for example, on quite a few Dr. Ho products. Dr. Rice does NOT endorse medical products. If you see him on programs it is simply to announce the results of his studies which would, of course, be favorable enough to post on programs. Dr. Rice has written over 25 papers. These papers are not published in peer reviewed journals. Rather, they are used to present to governing bodies such as the FDA and Health Canada in order to allow manufacturers to advertise specific positive physical and health claims tested by Dr. Rice.
  • Hey Doc - why is your book so expensive?
    What? You think SB is expensive? Sexy Back is a textbook that is used as the basis of a trainer certification program (Level I only). Texbooks are expensive these days. Nevertherless, it's an academic book as much as a great source of entertainment as you learn. No other book like this one exists on the market. The book market sucks, we admit to that. Believe it or not the Sexy Back franchise gets less than 30% of book sale prices. Amazon and retail carriers/distributors, including the publishers, get most of the funds you pay for books. What's left is thrown back into the franchise operation for research and development like our new Sexy Back App anbd its video production. Just so you know, we have placed a discount coupon for you in the store. This requires you to purchase the book direct from the publisher. For the patient, which is probably you, the cost of the book is very likely less than half of the cost of just one treatment. So look at it this way - Sexy Back will save you thousands of dollars in therapy you won't need anymore once you join our community. Also SB is medical tax expense. We can provide you with a letter stating so.

I'm a certified trainer & really interested in adding the Clinical Sexy Back Trainer Specialty to my existing trainer credentials!

I want to

  • help people with back pain,

  • learn to examine patients & derive diagnostic impressions of their conditions,

  • teach them how to do sexercises in the gym,

  • help them get to the level where they can learn your program on how to have sex to fix their backs using your sexercises

  • & go beyond this level of wellness by learning how to design & execute sexual performance training programs!

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